This video has been sent to us by Vladi Anaersi

Enter Ersi:

It is now a fact that we are all going through a really tough but also unprecedented period

However, it should be noted that for us Greeks it is a real nightmare! And that makes sense! As long as I think that I will enjoy this beauty of my country again, live, in such a long time I am literally disappointed. It is impossible for me not to have in my mind the incredible memories I have created in places I have visited and all the experiences I have gained from small excursions throughout Greece.

My favorite holidays are those of winter

I know we have some of the most beautiful summers with top summer destinations but it’s impossible not to include it in my travel bucket list, the picturesque Meteora whose dark-colored sandstone rocks rise outside Kalambaka, Thessaly. The wild and inaccessible landscape is a reference point and a World Heritage Site, due to the history of the complex.

Of course, winter vacations also need some snow!

And what is better after the visit in Meteora? Skiing in the snowy Anilio, Ioannina, of course!! It is built on the slopes of northern Pindos and opposite Metsovo. For me that I’m a person who loves painting, a walk on the river and in the narrow streets of Metsovo is enough to fill my sketchbook and give flavor to my memories of traditional, authentic, classic Metsovone.

But my dream continues …

And where does my mind go? In the heart of Greece! In the imposing Athens. In the birthplace of the Republic. The center of the arts, knowledge and philosophy. Headquarters of the Academy of Plato and the Lyceum of Aristotle. Where the Parthenon was built, the symbol of heritage of the classical era.

The city that hosted the first modern Olympic Games. The only supplies you need to see Athens in your hand are to climb to the top of Hymettus and your two bared eyes. Many trips continue for a long time after the movement in time and space has stopped. Fortunately, we live in an age where the means are enough and thanks to them we can enjoy these beauties from our couch.

There are people who have taken it upon themselves to give us experiences even if we did not have the opportunity to live them

The journey expresses an attempt to make the dream come true and its immortality makes us remember more than we have ever seen. So our friend Stefanos, made sure to travel with us and remind us why we have to STAY HOME in these difficult times of our country and he gives us in his way the courage to try all together. Because we are Greeks and the Greeks are a fist. Enjoy him…

Vladi Anaersi