Important Info for Visitors of Greece

This page will serve as an index for important information for visitors. You can request info to be added to this page by contacting us.

Before you travel in Greece, it is advisable to bear in mind the following:

  • Depending on your country of origin, you might need a passport and a visa; you could obtain a visa through the Greek consulate nearest to your residence.
  • Call your bank or your credit card company to let them know that you will be using it in Greece.
  • The Electric Current in Greece is 230V AC (50Hz). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British ones an adaptor.
  • In order to have access to necessary health care, tourists from member states of the European Union (EU) wishing to visit Greece must be holders of the European Health Card (EHIC) or any other legal Community document issued by their competent social security agency. Tourists from countries other than the member states of the European Union must consult their social security agency for information before travelling.
  • Contact your phone company in order to make sure that your can use your mobile phone in Greece.